80 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 80.

The list isn't completed yet, but here it is thus far:

1. Visit the world's largest treehouse in Crossville, TN.
2. Zipline through the rainforest.
3. See the Northern Lights.
4. See more of Canada.
5. See real empty uninhabited space. Without any roads or telephone poles or wires or property lines or houses. Nothing.
6. Spend an evening in a mental hospital. (working or otherwise)
7. Have a nice dinner with a homeless man/woman/family.
8. Learn to speak at least 2 more languages well enough to survive in their respective countries.
9. Get a degree in something I absolutely love.
10. Watch a baby being born.. in person.
11. Host a dinner with friends and have them all order for each other by drawing names out of a hat.
12. Skydive.
13. Learn to fly a plane, get a pilot's license
14. Finish reading "Les Miserables"... the full version.
15. Learn to cook.
16. Suffer real heartbreak, and love without limits anyway.
17. Have a casual conversation with a prostitute and find out her life story.
18. Make a list of my presumptions, disprove them.
19. Run out of pages in my passport booklet.
20. See a real movie set.
21. Ride in a helicopter... while conscious.
22. Become a positive enough person that I have a positive encounter with every stranger I meet.
23. Work a suicide hot line.
24. Become roommates with a guy. No dating, no marriage. Just be friends. Do normal things.
25. Go goldfish shopping with college roommates.
26. Hug a man in a dress
27. Touch each of the 50 states.
28. Wear a pretty dress and skip down the street of a major city.
29. Become a regular at a small restaurant (that's not a chain!)
30. Hold the hand of a mother in labor.
40. Learn how to play chess.
41. Finish the NYT crossword puzzle, at least once.
42. Read one book a week.
43.Get a music collection that encompasses who I am.
44. Fall in love with someone else's love story.
45. See a play on Broadway.
46. Get so far lost that finding the way back doesn't seem that important.
47. Develop a taste for lots of different types of music, food, and people. 
48. Go skinny dipping in a pool filled with purple paint.
49. Get an invitation to the TED conference.
50. Order a cake from the Cake Divas, the official cake providers of the Alice in Wonderland set.
51. Visit the set of a Tim Burton film.
52. Work oil spill clean up and help bathe sea animals.
53. Get my name added to the little credits that no one reads.
63. 64.
65. 66.
67. 68.
69. 70.
71. 72.
73. 74.
75. 76.
77. 78.
79. Live.
80. Love.

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  1. I just doodled my way over here from SDL, and find you to be quite the young woman! You are wise, mature, beautiful, and God has clearly given you some amazing talents and passions.

    I love this list! I, too, am a Jesus follower, so I share many of these same goals (and have done quite a few - especially in the realm of childbirth and spending time with the "least of these" - and I'm from Canada...).

    Anyways, just wanted to say that I was blessed to read some of your wise words, and to see how God has obviously captivated you. Don't think that you are boring. He created you just the way you are, and you are extraordinary because YOU ARE HIS. :)


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