Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unreasonable Positives and My Day of Laments

The other day I thought my whole world was going to come crashing down around me.


I thought it was.

For those of you who don't know, I'm leaving for the University of Alabama at Birmingham tomorrow. (Did I really just say tomorrow? I'm leaving tomorrow?!) 

I got a message from my mom, and we had known that they had messed up my tuition stuff. But the text from my mom essentially said, "I don't know how we're going to pay for your schooling this year."

Which is well, scary.

So I did the only natural thing to do.


Then I did the next most natural thing. Get on the internet, and freak out to friend.

So while I was freaking out and having horrible visions of having to go to Vol State (the local community college that I loathe with a fiery passion that burns within my being.), Keedy told me this: "This is the one time I will allow you unreasonable positives."

I have this tendency to fantasize, and not in a "Drops of ocean spray rolled down his chiseled chest" kind of way. I just imagine these weird scenarios that would never, ever, ever in a million years happen. Ever. Last night, it involved me getting to meet Terri Irwin and then bathing a tiger. Just to give you an example.

I bring these things up all the time. Keedy will say something to me and then I'll be like "Well maybe...." and then she tells me the exact reason that will never happen. She is a bubble burster and she likes it. I really think she thrives on seeing my disappointment as she explains exactly why we can't go to Holiday World, the zoo, AND the treehouse all in one week.

She is a super realist.

So the one time I was being super pessimist, she told me she wasn't going to shoot down my super-positives.

Which is so totally unfair.

I didn't want to be positive. I wanted to continue lamenting in the misery of my situation. (Also? I can be kind of melodramatic sometimes.) But she was all NO! THAT IS NOT ALLOWED!!

And eventually we ended up arguing about why I couldn't just force myself to fantasize about wonderful things when I just wasn't in the mood. Which effectively distracted me from my laments.

Then she left to go do... idk stuff. And I was left alone to wallow in my miseries.

T'was an exciting day.

By the time she came back the problem had been resolved.

This post really doesn't have much of a point.

Except this: Don't let anyone lull you into believing that the Financial Aid office actually cares about your situation or helping you pay for you education. THEY ARE LIES. 

The end.